Archimed 637 – Spinal Brace


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The Archimed 637 Spinal Brace utilizes a compound pulley system to comfortably and easily provide your patients with the support and stability they need in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the lower spine.

Pulley-Lace Closure System

The dual pulley-lace closure system provides a combined 6 to I mechanical advantage. In addition, the pulley-lace closure system is adjustable to provide a wide range of fit per given size and automatically conforms to various body shapes. The durable pulley-lace closure system will never come off track.

Anterior, Lateral and Posterior Panels

The anterior, lateral and posterior panels work in concert with the pulley-lace closure system to easily generate intra-abdominal pressure and restrict coronal and sagittal plane motion.  The posterior panel extends from the sacrococcygeal junction the the T-9 vertebra with a central cut-out over the lumbar region for post operative application.  Posterior panel and interior padding also contour automatically to the patient’s lordotic curve to provide to provide comfortable support.


  • Post-operative lumbar spine stabilization
    • Degenerative disc disease
    • Ligamentous sprains & muscle strains of the lumbar spine


163332 Small 27″ – 31″
163334 Medium 32″ – 38″
163335 Large 39″ – 45″
X-Large 46″ – 52″
163337 XX-Large 53″ – 59″
163338 3X-Large over 59″

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