Orliman Sport Epitec Tennis Elbow Brace



Product Benefits: 

  • Start feeling better with this tennis elbow brace so you can get back to doing the sports you love
  • This tennis elbow support is designed to provide elbow pain relief
  • With Epitec strap, pressure is applied through a viscoelastic cushion for the faster healing process
  • It can be worn for extra elbow protection during activities

Product Details: 

  • Exterior made with highly resistent ushioned materials
  • Interiors featured thermoplastic to molde the shape of your forearm
  • Easily adjustable with the closing and elastic band
  • Bilateral design its both right and left elbows
  • One uiversal size

Treatment / Prevention of the following Injuries: 

  • Prevents sporting and work related injuries
  • Tennis elbow treatment
  • Golfers elbow treament
  • Elbow pain relief